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Move Better, Feel Better, Be Better.


Increase your flexibility


Reduce pain and stiffness


Decrease recovery time


Prevent injuries and downtime from your fitness routine


Keep doing what you love doing… for LIFE!

At Stretch 22 Seattle, we do the work for you – our Stretchologists STRETCH YOU.

Our stretch specialists use hands on active stretching to open and expand your muscles and fascial tissue. This freedom connects the dots to help you achieve maximum performance in life. You will be lead on the path from where you are to where you want to be.

Twenty two degrees is the key to human movement. This angle is our starting point, we free up and expand your muscles and joints so you feel better from the inside out. From this 22 degree launch point, you can experience a 180 degree shift in your perspective, and a 360 degree multi-dimensional shift in your body. Freedom of movement in your body can change how you relate to everything – your health, performance, work and relationships.

We know that you set the bar high; at Stretch 22 we help you reach new peaks. Take your health, wellness and performance to the next level. When your body gets stretched and opened up, your mind follows. New physical and mental opportunities become realities. Get Stretched Today! 





The Stretch 22 VibraStretch™ technique takes you to the next level of optimum performance, health and wellness by starting with the essential foundation – muscle stretching, loosening and lengthening. With assisted stretching, we do the work for you. We stretch your muscles, open your body and expand your mind. Step into the Stretch 22 lounge and experience the expansive multi-dimensional shifts within your body. As your body stretches, so does your mind.



Stretching your muscles is essential for good health and superior performance. You set the bar high in your life and we help you reach your health and fitness goals by doing the essential foundation work for you. We stretch you.


The cornerstones to high performance – mobility, flexibility, balance.

Our series of assisted active stretching technique, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and proprietary VibraStretch™ technique provide a superior foundation in the essentials for health and wellness. Introducing a consistent stretching regimen into your fitness routine is a game changer. Elite athletes know this secret and now we are making it easy and accessible for every BODY to feel the health and wellness benefits of stretching your muscles. Release fascia through fascial stretch therapy, open your joints to improve your range of motion and improve your flexibility at Stretch 22.



Consistency amplifies your results – we offer several membership levels so Stretch 22 is an easy, effective and rewarding addition to your health and fitness routine.


Seattle – Madison Ridge location
2313 E Madison, Seattle WA 98112
Call: 206.325.6479

10830 NE 2nd Place, Bellevue, WA 98004
Call: 425.502.7727

Seattle – South Lake Union
826 Lenora St, Seattle, WA 98121
Call: 206.258.4110


Michael - Seattle

I didn’t know that something like this existed and I am thrilled to have found it. Since making Stretch 22 a consistent part of my wellness routine, my flexibility and mobility have increased. I’m not experiencing the aches and pains in my hips and low back that I used to have daily. I’m a believer and will be recommending Stretch 22 to my friends!“

Ashley Kirk

Artez did a amazing job. Made slight small talk to make me feel comfortable and then let me just enjoy the stretch . Didn’t force a conversation. Made sure to check in to make sure i was feeling the stretch in the correct muscles. i instantly felt much lighter and less tense when the stretch was done. Great first experience. Will definitely be back and recommending coworkers to come as well

Brett Farr

So happy that stretch 22 is reopened. the level of care and attention to client needs is top notch. getting an appointment is very easy, i only use the downtown location so not sure about the others. today artez stretched me and i highly recommend booking with him or jen!

stretch 22

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