Flexibility exercises carry the inherent benefits of a normal workout and more. At Stretch 22, our experienced stretchologists can help open and expand your muscles and fascial tissues with assisted stretching. You can leverage our professional experience to improve posture, reduce pain, minimize injury risk, and increase strength. Here are four reasons why you should practice flexibility and stretching exercises:

1. Relieve Pain & Tension

Flexibility and assisted stretching can help you feel better because they lengthen and open up your muscles. Loose and less tense muscles result in fewer aches and pains. You’re also less likely to experience cramps from working out. Poor posture, wrong workout formation, and accidents can build tension in different muscles.

Sedentary workdays are also a common cause of neck and lower back pain. You may experience pain and discomfort in specific muscles after a workout. Our flexibility stretches are designed to loosen your body and release trapped toxins that may cause spasms or cramps. We’ll also recommend exercises to ease pain in specific muscles and joints.

2. Improve Mobility & Range of Movement

Our VibraStretch technique can improve your normal range of motion and keep your muscles/joints as flexible as possible. Your range of motion decreases with age, and the joints and ligaments become firmer. The muscles also lose flexibility, especially if you’re not exercising them. Our regular flexibility regimen can help you improve mobility and slow down the aging effects.

We recommend muscle stretching and joint mobility exercises to improve function and resilience during exercise. Our stretchologists can help you learn these exercises and increase your range of motion with each stretch. You’ll increasingly find it easier to perform deeper stretching exercises with less tension on your muscles and joints.

3. Reduce the Risk of Injury

Stretch 22 assisted stretching can improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. Our technique increases the flexibility of muscles and tendons to prevent first-time and recurring injuries. Stiff muscles and joints are common causes of injury. Recovering from an accident or muscle injury can also cause stiffness and increase the risk of recurring injuries.

Regular stretching and flexibility training can help your injured muscles and tendons recover without losing range of motion. Even the simplest exercises can improve your overall control and mitigate injury risk. Our stretchologists will recommend flexibility approaches that target specific muscle groups and reduce stress in your joints.

4. Build Your Muscle Strength

Stretching and flexibility training aims to build muscle strength and increase the range of motion. Your muscles will have the right amount of tension to support your movements. 

Stretch 22 stretchologists leverage advanced technology like VibraStretch to provide multi-dimensional shifts. We can help you improve muscle flexibility, lengthen muscle groups, and build controlled strength. Our assisted stretching techniques can also enhance your athletic performance, posture, and balance. Consistent stretching is a gamechanger and worth a monthly stretch membership. 

Benefits of Assisted Flexibility Exercises

Working with experienced stretchologists from Stretch 22 can deliver the benefits of stretching and flexibility exercises. We can help you increase circulation, relieve muscle and joint tension, alleviate pain, and improve your reflexes. Our team will also provide professional insights to combat the effects of sedentary lifestyles and posture issues.