Stretching regularly allows your body to gain more flexibility and allows your muscles to recover properly, so you should include it in your exercise routine. You can include flexibility exercises after weight-lifting and cardio workouts. Flexibility training offers numerous physical and mental health benefits, improving your quality of life. Stretch 22 highlights five popular benefits of flexibility training.

1.    Improves Mobility

The human range of motion decreases naturally as we age. Your joints and ligaments become firmer, and muscles lose flexibility over time. Regular flexibility training helps improve mobility and slow down the effect of aging on your range of motion.

At Stretch 22, we recommend joint mobility exercises that can help improve function. Our Stretchologists can help you complete the exercises to improve your range of motion with each stretch. With time, you might notice it gets easier to perform deeper stretches with your joints and muscles feeling less tense.

2.    Helps Ease Pain

Poor posture, wrong exercises, accidents, or a sedentary workday can all cause pain in the lower back and neck area. You may experience pain in specific muscle groups after an intense workout which can cause discomfort. Flexibility training involves movement that aims to stretch your muscles until they’re loosened up, and your body becomes more flexible. If you fail to stretch or work out for a long time, there’s a good chance that toxins will build up in your muscles. The only way to really get them out is to stretch them out.

Our Stretchologists can recommend specific stretches to ease pain depending on the muscles and joints where you experience discomfort. You may have to perform a hamstring stretch if you are prone to spasms in the area. Pain relief allows you to perform tasks normally without experiencing constant discomfort.

3.    Reduces the Risk of Injury

It is generally accepted that increasing the flexibility of a muscle-tendon unit promotes improved performance and decreases injuries. Stiff muscles are prone to injury, so you should work to strengthen them. After recovery from an accident, your muscles and ligaments take time to heal properly, so there might be a risk of the injury recurring. Performing flexibility exercises helps ward off injury, mitigating injury risk.

While simple stretches will not prevent all types of injury, they offer your body better control. Stretch 22 Stretchologists recommend targeted flexibility approaches to activate specific muscle groups. This can help decrease stress on a specific joint area, reducing the reoccurrence of an injury.

4.    Build Muscle Strength

While weight-lifting and body-weight exercises can help build strength, you enjoy better muscle contraction with stretching. When you think about gaining muscle, stretching is probably not the first thing that pops into your head. But did you know that stretching plays a critical role in building muscle? The VibraStretch Assisted Stretching Technique at Stretch 22 involves multi-dimensional shifts in your body to improve muscle flexibility and build strength. Controlled flexibility can lengthen muscle groups, allowing you more space to build more muscle.

5.    Boosts Athletic Performance

Engaging in your favorite sports or activities requires optimal functioning of the muscles. Muscle and ligament stiffness can lower athletic performance by hindering your ability to move freely with activities like running, jumping, and bending. Stretching and flexibility exercises help you unlock better functionality for optimal athletic performance.

Stretch 22 experts recommend various combinations of flexibility exercises to help improve balance, coordination, and range of motion. Introducing a consistent stretching regimen into your fitness routine is a game changer. Elite athletes know this secret and now we are making it easy and accessible for every BODY to feel the health and wellness benefits of stretching your muscles at S22’s Stretch Lounges in Seattle. Eliminating the hindrances to flexibility allows you to perform different activities easily, contributing to superior performance.

Work With Stretch Experts for Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises help improve physical health by increasing your range of motion and helping you reach the desired fitness goals. Working with Stretch 22 as your stretch therapy partner will help take your physical and mental health wellness to the next level.

Our stretchologists focus on active stretching to improve the range of motion and boost performance. Get stretched today!




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