Flexibility exercises play a role in improving movement performance and minimizing the risk of injury. When professional athletes stretch regularly, their body may gain more flexibility, and their muscles recover properly. Stretch 22 has stretch specialists who use their hands and tools to expand and open your fascial tissue and muscles. Here is why flexibility exercises are beneficial for professional athletes:

Reduces Pain

A sedentary workday, wrong exercises, or poor posture can cause neck and lower back pain. After an intense workout, you may feel pain in certain muscle groups. 

Flexibility training entails doing movements that help to stretch and loosen up the muscles allowing your body to be more flexible. Failure to work out or stretch for an extended time leads to toxin build-up in your muscles. A great way to eliminate toxins is to do stretching exercises.

Our series of proprietary VibraStretch™ techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and assisted active stretching are an excellent foundation for health and wellness. We’ll introduce a consistent stretching routine into your fitness regime for improved performance. 

Helps Prevent Injuries

Once professional athletes develop flexibility and strength, they may endure more physical stress. Improved flexibility relieves muscle imbalances, minimizing your chances of injuries during physical activities. Stretching the overactive muscles and strengthening the underactive ones may help to correct muscle imbalances. 

Flexibility training allows your joints to move in the correct sequence during functional movements. All this, coupled with muscle activation and control, may decrease the risk of injuries by reducing excessive stress on joints throughout your whole body.

Stretch 22 uses the best stretching techniques to expand and free up joints and muscles. Our stetchologists will help prevent downtime and injuries from your fitness routine. 

Improves Balance and Posture

Poor flexibility puts a lot of strain on your joints and muscles, often resulting in poor posture. Professional athletes may improve their posture when they focus on improving muscle flexibility

Working out the body helps to correct any imbalances and allows proper alignment. Moving more quickly and transitioning between movements and exercises is a significant advantage of increased flexibility. 

Our stretchologists provide assisted stretching to increase your flexibility. The more you do flexibility exercises, the more you’ll see improvement in your balance and posture. Increased range of motion enables you to stand or sit in specific ways.

Develops Mobility

If your muscles are more flexible, you will have greater mobility. Having tight muscles reduces your body’s range of motion, making everyday exercises and activities difficult. Flexible muscles helps your joints move correctly in sequence, and your muscles move more comfortably. 

We can help you attain your fitness and health goals by doing vital foundation work. Our team will help you become more flexible, making routine exercises and activities more effortless. 

Book Flexibility Stretches With Stretch 22

Introducing flexibility stretches into your fitness routine could be a game changer. Our professionals at Stretch 22 will stretch you to help you move and feel better.  Our stretchologists will take your athletic performance to the next level. Book A Stretch, and we’ll help you achieve your health and wellness goals.