Many of us live with unnecessary pain and tightness because we don’t stretch enough. Fascia release can help with that. At Stretch 22, we use assisted stretching techniques to help our clients feel better in their bodies. Assisted stretching is a great tool for fascia release and can have many other benefits.

What Is Assisted Stretching?

Assisted stretching is basically what it sounds like; we help you stretch your muscles and release tight fascia! We have our signature stretch called Vibrastretch. This technique, is a series of assisted active stretches, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and cutting edge VibraCussor technology that helps to release tightness in the muscles and fascia. 

Benefits of Deep Stretching on Fascia

Deep fascia release, especially when assisted, offers a number of benefits. Here are a few of the effects you can expect to see when you begin stretching with us:

  • More flexibility 
  • Less pain and stiffness
  • Faster athletic recovery
  • Reduced risk of injury 
  • Reduced time away from the gym or other athletic activities

The benefits of stretching are not limited to the physical. When your body feels better, your mind feels better, too. Reducing pain and tightness also reduces physical stress, so you can focus on your goals and live to your highest potential.

While repeated stretching sessions mean more benefits, the positive effects of a session are often seen right away. No need to wait months for results! 

We recommend stretching at different frequencies based on each client’s needs. For those looking to reduce stress or improve fascia recovery, we suggest being stretched every two weeks. If the goal is to keep up flexibility and speed up athletic recovery, we suggest coming in once per week. For clients looking to gain flexibility, coming in for a stretch twice per week is the way to go however, every body is different and our trained Stretchologists can put together your best stretching plan for your individual needs.

Who Can Benefit From Fascia Release? 

Almost anyone can benefit from a stretch session. Fascia surrounds muscle tissue. If your muscles need a stretch, your fascia probably needs to relieve tension, too. World-class athletes already know the power of deep stretching for fascia conditioning, and our mission is to make it available to everyone. Whether you are a long-distance runner or you spend most of your time at a desk, you can reduce pain and increase flexibility with us at Stretch 22. If you experience pain and tightness, for any reason, we are ready to help you. 

What Should You Expect From a Fascia Release Session?

When you come to Stretch 22 for a fascia release session, make sure you know what to expect. You should wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement, and it’s a good idea to bring some water.

During the appointment, your Stretchologist will help you move your body to achieve the most effective stretches. Full-body sessions last 50 minutes, and upper- or lower-body sessions last 25 minutes. We also offer 20-minute sessions just for vibration treatment with the VibraCussor. 

Live Your Best Life

Tight fascia can have a strong negative impact on daily life. From pain during workouts to a stiff back at work, the effects can be far-reaching. At Stretch 22, we help our clients move beyond fascia pain and tightness. When you are ready to book your assisted stretching session, head to our online booking schedule