You may wonder whether to take flexibility exercises when pregnant due to safety concerns. It is typically safe to do flexibility exercises while pregnant. Various safe flexibility exercises can help to relax your muscles and reduce pregnancy pains.

At Stretch 22 Seattle, we have Stretchologists who use hands-on stretching to relax your tissues and muscles during pregnancy. Here are the benefits and safety tips to observe when stretching:

Benefits of Flexibility Exercises During Pregnancy

Eradicates Pain

Flexibility exercises can help to eradicate pain and help you enjoy a smooth and comfortable pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, you experience posture shifts to distribute the weight of your baby’s belly, which may result in pain in the lower back, chest, neck, and hips.

Regular stretching improves your flexibility and range of motion, reducing pain. At Stretch 22, we have specialists to stretch your muscles and eliminate pain in your lower back or hips.

Promotes Health

Stretching may increase your metabolism and heartbeat, leading to increased blood flow to the fetus. This could help with the healthy development of the baby in the womb. At Stretch 22, we stretch your muscles to increase blood flow to the womb and promote the healthy development of your baby.

Helps You Cope

Flexibility exercises may help you counterbalance the biochemical impacts of pregnancy. During this period, your body releases different hormones that make you tired. You can undergo emotional and psychological changes that result in stress and discomfort.

A stretching regimen helps to release the feel-good hormones in your body, relieving stress. It enables you to prepare for the new child by taking some time for yourself. Stretching equips you with the benefit of resting to rejuvenate your body when your baby arrives. At Stretch 22 Seattle, we provide stretching services to relieve stress and relax your body during pregnancy.

Promotes Easy Delivery

Third-trimester pregnancy exercises assist in loosening up joints, preparing you for a smoother and safer birth. With flexible joints, you may be more comfortable during childbirth. At Stretch 22 Seattle, we stretch your muscles to promote flexibility and easy delivery.

Keeps Your Weight in Check

Flexibility exercises may help to maintain your weight in check. These exercises require energy that helps your body stay fit. At Stretch 22 Seattle, we have specialists stretching your body to increase your energy requirement and maintain weight.

Safety Tips to Observe When Stretching

Observe the following safety tips when stretching to make sure you and the baby are safe:

Warm Up

Always warm up before your stretches to loosen tight muscles. A few minutes of alternating knee raises or brisk walking warms up your muscles and can make them ready for your flexibility movements. At Stretch 22 Seattle, we guide you through warming up before stretching your muscles.

Don’t Overdo It

Focus on holding your stretches for 30 seconds and get as far as possible in every position. Listen to your body and only do a range of emotions that make you feel good and never painful.

Book Your Stretch Today!

If you are considering flexibility exercises, schedule a stretch with specialists. At Stretch 22 Seattle, we have experienced stretch specialists who understand the best pregnancy exercises for your needs. We stretch your tissues and muscles and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Book a stretch today to relax your muscles and ease your pregnancy journey.