In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to overlook the importance of taking care of our bodies. Active Assisted stretching recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach to health that goes beyond traditional exercise routines. Assisted stretching is a guided process that targets specific muscle groups to improve flexibility and overall mobility, while also reducing recovery time. This provides a deeper stretch than you can achieve on your own, without the risk of overstretching or muscle strain. 

The Active Assisted Stretching Experience

Our Stretchologists guide our clients through personalized assisted active stretches, tailoring each stretch to individual needs and goals. Everybody is different, so we work with our clients on a one-on-one basis rather than in a group. Our personalized approach to wellness allows us to support you in your fitness goals and expedite your muscle recovery. 

What Makes Stretch 22 Unique? 

The assisted stretching approach can vary throughout Seattle. At Stretch 22 we use innovative Vibrastretch technology. This is our trademark approach to fascial stretching and active assisted stretching and brings your stretch to the next level. This cutting-edge method combines the benefits of vibration therapy, from our VibraCussor, with the precision of various active assisted stretching methods, creating a unique and highly effective experience. The gentle vibrations work in harmony with the stretching movements, promoting increased blood flow, flexibility, and a sense of relaxation.

Stretching for Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility is not just for yogis or athletes; it’s a fundamental aspect of a healthy, functional body. Stretch Therapy understands that enhancing flexibility goes hand in hand with improving overall mobility. Through targeted assisted stretching sessions, clients experience a gradual increase in their range of motion, contributing to better posture, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced athletic performance.

Whether you’re a desk-bound professional looking to counteract the effects of sedentary work or an active individual seeking to optimize your fitness routine, the studio’s stretch therapy sessions can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Assisted Stretching is for everyBODY!

Muscle Recovery: A Crucial Component

In the pursuit of fitness goals or the demands of everyday life, our muscles undergo stress and strain. Efficient muscle recovery is essential for maintaining peak performance and preventing injuries. Assisted stretching sessions play a crucial role in promoting muscle recovery by increasing blood circulation and reducing muscle soreness.

The Vibrastretch technology takes muscle recovery to the next level. The combination of targeted stretches and focal vibrations helps alleviate muscle tightness, accelerate the healing process, and leave clients feeling revitalized. 

Embrace Your Well-Being

Regularly participating in active assisted stretching is a commitment to a healthier, more balanced life. Elevate your flexibility, enhance your mobility, and experience the rejuvenating effects of Vibrastretch. We have 3 locations in the Greater Seattle Area– South Lake Union, Bellevue, and Seattle! Prioritize your well-being and experience active assisted stretching!