Sports massages therapists are skilled in administering massages to alleviate the aches and pains associated with regular sporting activities.

During your first visit, the massage therapist may ask a lot of questions to ascertain any previous injuries or ailments. But don’t let the therapist ask all the questions, you should ask some too.

Continue reading below to find out exactly what questions you should ask to find the best sports massage therapist.

What Does a Sports Massage Session Consist of?

This is an important question so you know exactly what to expect out of each session.

Will the session be completely massage-based? Will you have to actively participate in parts of the session? Is the massage suitable for your particular condition and mobility? These may or may not be concerns that you have with seeing a massage therapist.

What Qualifications and Experience do You Have to Help my Unique Condition?

Most massage therapists should have formal qualifications and education related specifically to the field. They will also be required to partake in continuing professional development so that they can give the most up-to-date treatments available.

Some sports massage therapists may specialize in helping runners, while others may specialize in football players or swimmers. It’s best to find out exactly what their specialties are and how they can cater to your condition.

Do You Work With Doctors or Other Medical Specialists for Holistic Patient Treatment?

The answer to this should be yes. Sports massage therapists should work closely with qualified physiotherapists and sports doctors to treat a patient in a holistic manner.

The sports massage therapist may even require a doctor or physio referral to ensure you are in good enough health for a massage.

Will You Be Seeing the Same Sports Massage Therapist Throughout Your Treatment?

It may be a personal preference of yours to see the same massage therapist at each appointment.

Alternatively, you may like to see different massage therapists at each appointment to receive different styles of treatment. The decision is up to you, but it’s important to include this question.

What Specific Type of Massage Will They Be Using for Your Injury/Condition?

There are different types of massage styles and manipulations that the sports massage therapist can perform. Find out what their preferred style is to treat your specific ailments.

What Level of Discomfort Can Be Expected During Each Session?

A sports massage is no ‘walk in the park’ but at the same time, it shouldn’t be excruciating either. Ask the therapist about what type of pain to expect, and whether they adjust their pressure to your needs.

Some areas on your body may be more tender than others, requiring varying pressure. Make the therapist aware of these areas.

See a Sports Massage Therapist Today!

No matter what type of sport you do, you can benefit from seeing a sports massage therapist. Remember to ask the above questions to find the best sports massage therapist in your area.

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