Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vibrastretch™?

Vibrastretch™ is a series of assisted active stretches, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and cutting edge VibraCussor technology that provides a superior foundation in the essentials for health and wellness. Our focal vibration therapy allows us to painlessly release stubborn, local fascial tightness. The VibraCussor instrument’s gentle stimulating action paired with PNF increases blood supply to the area and increases firing of mechanoreceptors within the involved muscle and connective tissue thus eradicating nerve interference and pain.

Who is Vibrastretch™ for?

Everyone can benefit. Top athletes know this secret and now we are making it easy and accessible for every BODY to feel the health and wellness benefits of stretching. Whether you’re looking to increase mobility and flexibility, enhance performance, decrease stress or reduce pain and stiffness, we got you, at Stretch 22.

How often should I get stretched?

We recommend:

  • 2 times a month: occasionally getting a deep stretch to reduce stress, stretch deeper than you can on your own, help recovery.
  • 1 time a week to maintain flexibility and enjoy weekly recovery in addition to your daily routine.
  • 2 x/ wk : improve flexibility, make gains, improve posture.
How long is a session?

Our stretches are 25 minutes long with your choice of upper body or lower body. You can pair the two together to get a 50 minute full body. Our 25 minute stretches are fantastic if you are short on time!

What should I wear?

To get the most out of your stretch we recommend you wear athletic gear or something that is easy to move in. We have a change of clothes ready for you to borrow If you book an appointment last minute or if you left you gear at home.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment through our website online,, or through our Stretch 22 app. We are also glad to get you set up over the phone at, 206.441.4143.

Can I purchase a single stretch?

You sure can. A 25 minute upper or lower body stretch is $39. A 50 minute upper and lower body combo is $77. Give us a call to learn more at 206.441.4143 or schedule an appointment online HERE.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take insurance for stretches.

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