Stretching has long been a staple of daily life for athletes, but did you know it’s equally important for the average person as well? Whether you exercise frequently or never at all, regular daily stretching can create a huge array of physical and mental benefits.

As more people start to recognize the advantages of daily stretching, they’ve also created a new trend – professional stretching. This service, also called assisted stretching, is growing in popularity and isn’t expected to go away any time soon.

What makes assisted stretching better than doing it on your own? And is it really worth the cost? Stick with us as we answer these important questions.

Benefits of Daily Stretching

It’s no secret that stretching feels good, but few people are aware of just how good it is for you. Just a few of the most important benefits include:

Regular stretching has also been shown to improve muscle tone and increase mobility in seniors.

Reasons to Consider Assisted Stretching

While it’s entirely possible to experience benefits of stretching by doing it on your own for just five to 15 minutes a day, assisted stretching takes things to a whole new level.

Productive Relaxation

Most people are super busy and juggling multiple responsibilities at once. An active stretching session with a professional forces you to relax and let go. At the same time, it’s also productive, because you’re stretching your muscles and increasing your flexibility.

Focused Attention on Problem Areas

While a massage immediately breaks up muscle knots and other problem areas, the results tend to be short-term. Professional stretching, on the other hand, takes more of a long-term approach. Each session focuses on your “problem areas” and works towards fixing issues like body imbalances and poor posture.

Attaining a Deeper Stretch

Even if you stretch on your own every day, there are some things you simply can’t do without assistance. When you’re working with a professional, you can achieve a deeper stretch and allow your muscles to relax even further. After your first experience, you’ll immediately notice that your muscles feel far looser than they do after a solo stretching session.

The Advantage of Consistency

Let’s face it, we’re so busy that it’s almost impossible to make it to the gym, let alone spend extra time stretching. By booking regular stretching sessions with a professional, you’re forcing yourself to make it a priority. This consistent practice will allow you to truly experience all of the benefits that stretching can offer.

Experience the Miracle of Professional Stretching

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