According to a national survey, in 2014, 8.6 million people reported injuries related to sports or recreational activities.

Maybe as you’re reading this you’re fighting some nagging pain. Or maybe you’re ignoring warning signs of a recurring injury.

If that’s you, it may be time to incorporate a little MAT into your life.

MAT, or Muscle Activation Technique, doesn’t just put a band-aid over your ailments. It hones in on weakness, from your head to your toes, or whatever muscles need the most work.


Here’s a look at how MAT training can help you be ready to perform at your best, avoid injury, and feel less pain.

MAT Explained

The MAT system is a unique kind of strengthening and therapy program. It focuses on three main tenants:

  • Assessing and correcting muscular imbalances, joint instability, and mobility issues
  • Using non-invasive techniques that are appropriate for all ages
  • Maximizing muscle efficiency

What that looks like in practice is a MAT specialist evaluating your muscle capabilities and range of motion, and zooming in on areas of tightness and weakness.

A muscle activation therapist will apply pressure to help restore your muscles to full capacity. You may also be given exercises that are targeted to strengthen weak muscles or imbalances.

Benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques

You don’t have to be a serious athlete to get the benefit from MAT. Even if you’re just a recreational runner or you’re in recovery from a hard Crossfit workout, there’s a muscle activation technique for you.

Here are five distinct benefits of the program.

Works With the Body, Not Against It

Unlike other types of exercise or applications that try to relax your muscles (foam rolling, heat) MAT focuses on working with your muscles. This leaves room for actually working on your muscles’ ability to contract.

Pinpoints Weaknesses

Muscle tightness is often actually a result of weakness. MAT therapy is all about working on the weak points to ease tightness and restore strength.

Corrects Imbalances

When we have a weak muscle, our bodies naturally compensate for that weakness. That means we may favor one side or one leg.

Muscle activation therapy helps correct those tendencies with different kinds of treatments to improve alignment and overall muscle balance.

Focuses on Muscle Activation and the Nervous System

MAT focuses on making improvements to the way muscles contract. And that means working with the nervous system to restore those signals that should fire from the brain to your muscles.

Creates Muscle Stability

As you improve the muscle activation in your body, you also gain improved range of motion. That results in more strength and performance power for exercise and daily activities.

Another considerable benefit of MAT is that it’s never the same program. Each time you work with your MAT therapist, he or she will make changes as your muscles respond to the therapy.

Learn More About MAT

Interested in MAT therapy for your own mobility and strength concerns? Contact us with questions about muscle activation technique or to learn about how stretch therapy could benefit you.