Virtual Stretch Lounge

Welcome to Stretch 22’s Virtual Stretch Lounge! We are bringing S22 to YOU with group classes and private sessions that cover everything your body needs to move better and feel better. Our weekly class schedule can be found HERE or on our Instagram account (@stretch22).

*Corporate sessions available! Email for more information.

Class Descriptions

Upper Body Mobility

25 minutes focused on your upper body to target sore muscles, increase range of motion, and reduce tension.

Lower Body Mobility

25 minutes focused on your lower body to target sore muscles, increase range of motion, and reduce tension.

PNF with Towel

25 minutes of PNF stretching with a towel. WTF happens in PNF stretching? You will contract & release targeted muscles while resisting against your towel to help you get deeper in your stretches and lengthen out those sore, tight muscles.

Stretch Basics

25 minutes focused on stretching your primary muscle groups. We’ll slowly guide you through these foundational stretches to get you moving and feeling better!

Desk Stretch

25 minutes of stretching that will specifically target the muscle groups most affected by sitting at a desk or working at a computer all day. Let’s release that tension so you can rock your (at home) work day!

1-on-1 Private Session

25 minute stretch session catered to YOU. Your stretchologist will guide you through a personalized series of stretches, based on your requests, while answering questions and providing modifications specific to your body’s needs.


Group Class: $17

1-on-1 Private Session: $39

3-Pack of 1-on-1 Private Sessions: $99

5-Pack of Group Classes: $75

How It Works

All of our virtual classes meet via Zoom. You do not need to have a Zoom account in order to access your class link.

Cancellation Policy

Group Classes: May cancel up to 1 hour before class with no charge.
1-on-1 Private Sessions: May cancel up to 3 hours before the session with no charge.