Stretching regularly helps unlock a healthier physique profile and can improve your quality of life. While you can be comfortable stretching on your own, assisted stretching enables you to reach a deeper and more effective stretch. This stretching technique also referred to as stretch therapy, involves performing stretches with another person’s help and guidance to support your personal flexibility goals. Here are some common techniques we use at Stretch 22, as well as the benefits of stretch therapy with professionals:

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching

PNF stretching involves relaxing your body while stretching a muscle to its limit. Doing this triggers the inverse myotatic reflex, a protective reflex that calms the muscle to prevent injury. According to the International PNF Association, the founder of PNF, Dr. Herman Kabat’s goal was to develop a hands-on treatment approach that enabled clinicians to analyze and assess a patient’s movement while at the same time facilitating more efficient strategies of functional movement.

Stretch 22’s Stretchologists help move your body into a particular position to increase the intensity and then there are a few techniques that our Stretchologists will use during a PNF stretch. This can be to hold the stretch and then relax or contract the muscle then relax. This helps improve your range of motion gradually and enhances flexibility. By having our Stretchologists work with your natural reflexes, PNF stretching is an easy and effective way to increase your overall flexibility and range of motion.

Resistance Stretching

Resistance stretching helps increase the resistance during back-and-forth motion in your joints. Your Stretchologist will apply some force to your stretch that you need to resist as much as possible. The technique involves increasing the pressure applied throughout the stretch and matching the increase with more resistance.

Active Isolated Stretching

This method involves isolating the muscles that the Stretchologist targets to stretch. For example, a Stretch 22 Stretchologist can target your quadricep, so they will lift your leg in the air and stretch it. Stretching the hamstring will force the quadricep as the target muscle to relax.

The whole process involves stretching the antagonistic muscle to stretch the target muscle and is done by repeating the stretch several times. In between each stretching rep, your Stretchologist will advise that you hold a pose or position for some time to increase intensity.

Stretch Therapy Benefits

Assisted stretching or stretch therapy can be beneficial to your mental and physical wellness. Here are some benefits of stretching with assistance from a stretchologist.

Consistency and Proper Guidance

While stretching may seem easy and harmless, stretching incorrectly does more harm than good. You may also fail to get the profound stretch results you want when you perform the stretch alone. This means you need assistance to get an effective deep stretch and target the right muscles.

Stretchologists from Stretch 22 offer guidance when stretching to ensure you perform it correctly. Our stretchologists understand the human anatomy, so they can help you target the right muscles during a deep stretch. Completing a proper stretch with the right consistency will yield the desired results and positively impact your physique.

Helps Reduce Muscle Stiffness

Muscle stiffness and tension affect your ability to perform daily activities. For example, a stiff neck can give you problems when bending down or result in pain, even with slight head movements. Releasing the muscle stiffness on your own can be challenging, so you need help making such muscles less achy.

At Stretch 22, we recommend our trademarked VibraStretch that allows our stretchologist to loosen stiff muscles before going into a deep stretch. Once you arrive at our stretch lounge, you get a sit-down with our experts and discuss the pain points and review your stretch goals. This allows them to formulate proper stretching techniques to target the right muscles, making everyday life easier.

Decrease Stress Levels

Stiff muscles make it challenging for you to relax. You may experience poor quality sleep, which can cause stress buildup in your brain and physical body. Stretching can help you decrease stress levels allowing you to relax. The effect is replicated by decreasing stress in your brain, improving your overall well-being.

Helps With Flexibility

As you age, the body’s muscles and ligaments become firmer, which can increase the physical decline you experience with old age. Improving your flexibility can help slow down the progress of physical deterioration, allowing you to remain strong and flexible even with aging. Professional stretch therapy helps with flexibility, improving your range of motion and increasing your activity level. 

At Stretch 22, we use multiple stretch techniques to push the body’s mobility signals. When done repeatedly, our stretches allow your body to extend further each time, improving your movement.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Optimal muscle performance can help athletes get the edge over the competition. Most athletes will look to avoid injuries and muscle pain since they can be a setback for their career goals. Stretch Therapy can help increase athletic performance by focusing on specific target muscles.

Introducing a consistent stretching regimen into your fitness routine is a game changer. Elite athletes know this secret and now we are making it easy and accessible for every BODY to feel the health and wellness benefits of stretching your muscles. Release fascia through fascial stretch therapy, open your joints to improve your range of motion, and improve your flexibility at Stretch 22.


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