Massage Guns, or Theraguns, are becoming more popular as they become more accessible to the public. We are often asked what the difference is between a massage gun that you can use at home, and our VibraCussor that we use for our trademark VibraStretch. Massage guns and VibraCussors are both percussion massage devices used for muscle relaxation and recovery, but they have some key differences in terms of design, usage, and application. Here are the primary differences between the two:

Mechanism of Action:

Massage Gun: A massage gun, also known as a percussion massager, typically uses a reciprocating or percussive motion to deliver rapid and localized bursts of pressure to the muscle tissues. It’s designed to mimic the manual percussion techniques used in traditional massages.

VibraCussor: A VibraCussor, on the other hand, operates on a high-frequency vibration mechanism. It generates continuous vibrations that are transmitted through a flat, vibrating head, providing a more continuous and oscillatory form of massage to relax the muscles. The VibraCussor is a gentler option, but the settings can be adjusted from 1-10 to suit your needs. 


Design and Appearance:

Massage Gun: Massage guns typically have a gun-like shape with a handle and a massage head attachment. They come with various interchangeable massage heads to target different muscle groups and areas of the body.

VibraCussor: VibraCussors have a flat, rectangular or circular design with a vibrating surface. This can be used over bones, muscles, and tendons in the body. 



Massage Gun: Massage guns are commonly used for percussive massage, making them suitable for targeting specific muscle knots and deep tissue massage. They can help with muscle recovery, reducing muscle soreness, and improving blood circulation. 

VibraCussor: VibraCussors are typically used in therapeutic or clinical settings by chiropractors, physical therapists, and Stretchologists. They are used to perform various myofascial techniques, including trigger point therapy, fascial release, and soft tissue mobilization. The VibraCussor is also more comfortable for those who are sensitive to a massage gun.


Targeted Use:

Massage Gun: Massage guns are often used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for post-workout recovery and muscle maintenance. They are also popular for self-massage at home.

VibraCussor: VibraCussors are primarily used by healthcare professionals as part of manual therapy treatments. They are less commonly used for self-administered massage. Our Stretchologists use the VibraCussor to gently assist you into a deeper stretch by relaxing your muscles. 


In summary, the primary difference between a massage gun and a VibraCussor lies in their mechanisms of action and intended use. Massage guns use percussive movements for localized muscle treatment and are often used by individuals for self-care, while VibraCussors use continuous vibrations and are typically utilized by healthcare professionals for therapeutic purposes. Both devices have their own advantages and are chosen based on individual preferences and needs.

At Stretch 22, our Stretchologists use the VibraCussor to help you achieve a deeper stretch. When working with tight and sore muscles, we can help to relax and recover those muscles through active assisted stretching and the help of the VibraCussor. Our trademark VibraStretch, which is a series of assisted active stretches, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and cutting-edge VibraCussor technology, allows our Stretchologist to help you stretch out those hard-to-reach muscles without the risk of overstretching or injury.

If you haven’t been to Stretch 22 and tried the VibraCussor before, we would love to have you visit us! We have 3 locations in the Greater Seattle Area–South Lake Union, Bellevue, and Seattle. Book your stretch and experience the benefits of assisted stretching!