the Stretch 22  VibraStretch was Developed by an olympic athlete and a sports medicine chiropractor. It is a safe and effective addition to your everyday life.

What Is Stretch 22?

The name STRETCH 22 combines key aspects of the life passions of both co-founders. In his chiropractic work, Dr. Kris Sasaki has always emphasized stretching to improve mobility and flexibility for his clients. Ja’Warren Hooker, a former Olympic sprinter, added the “22,” which symbolizes the angle that every sprinter wants to maintain as long as possible in a race. This resulted in the name STRETCH 22. Joining forces, Dr. Kris and Ja’Warren are on a mission to help people feel better, move better, and BE better.

Our series of active assisted stretching techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and proprietary VibraStretch™ techniques provide a superior foundation for health and wellness. Taking the time to stretch out can be beneficial for people from all walks of life — rehabilitation patients, elderly individuals, athletes, and even people that just want their bodies to feel better. Introducing a consistent stretching regimen and flexibility exercises into your fitness routine is a game changer.

Elite athletes know this secret and now we are making it easy and accessible for every BODY to feel the health and wellness benefits of stretching your muscles. Release fascia through fascial stretch therapy, open your joints to improve your range of motion, and improve your flexibility at one of our Stretch 22 stretch studios.


Why Try Assisted Stretching at Stretch 22?

The professional teams at our stretch lounges are highly trained and passionate about helping you feel your best. Performing assisted stretching movements in conjunction with flexibility exercises can provide our clients with certain benefits. Regular mobility work can help to improve your range of motion and enhance joint function. As we age, our mobility naturally decreases. Our stretchologist work with our clients to help them achieve and maintain mobility that will allow them to enjoy life to its fullest.

Our flexibility exercises can also be helpful for athletes who want to improve their performance and avoid injury. Tight or weak muscles are more prone to injury than those that have been strengthened through regular exercise and stretching. Our stretch studio team can help athletes of all backgrounds boost coordination, enhance balance, and strengthen key muscles.

Meet the Founders


Ja’Warren Hooker is a former Olympic sprinter and UW Hall of Famer. He brings 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. During this same period, he discovered the importance of assisted stretching for health and overall wellness. Ja’Warren is excited to showcase the benefits of assisted stretching to everyBODY.

Dr. Kris Sasaki has 17 years of Chiropractic and sports medicine experience. Dr. Sasaki discovered the importance of stretching to not only enhance performance and improve posture for clients but to reduce stress for maximized wellness. Dr. Sasaki believes that Stretch 22 is a pivotal part of the recovery and restoration process.

The team at Stretch 22 is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life through assisted stretching, flexibility exercises, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn how you can benefit from our stretching techniques.

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